Introduction: Restaurant-Style Salsa

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You will need:

1 28oz can whole peeled plum tomatoes

1 handful of cilantro -give or take depending on your preference for cilantro

2 jalapeño peppers

1/2 tsp salt

2 cloves of garlic

3/4 c diced onions

1/2 tsp ground cumin

4 tbsp lime juice

Step 1: Jalapeño Business

Cut the stem off of the jalapeños, then slice them length-wise in half.

I remove the inside of the peppers because I don't like extra spicy salsa, but if you do, just dice the whole pepper into pieces.

Step 2: How to Prep the Garlic

Remove the outer layers of the garlic until you get to the cloves.

Then remove two of the cloves.

The easiest way to remove the skin off the cloves is to lay flat a large blade of a knife on top of the clove and with the palm of your hand, smack it. The skin just peels away.

After the skin has been removed from the clove, cut into small pieces.

Step 3: Now the Onion

Cut the onion into a grid pattern so you can dice it.

Step 4: Lime Time

Cut the limes in half and use a lemon (I mean LIME) juicer. I used two limes for this recipe which was just a tad over 4 tbsp, but still fine.

Step 5: Blending

Using the pulse setting on the blender, mix all of the ingredients except the cilantro.

Step 6: Cilantro- Yum!

Now add the cilantro to the blender and mix that on the pulse setting as well.

Step 7: Enjoy!

This salsa is so easy to make and comes together in a matter of minutes.

This recipe does make quite a bit of salsa, so if you have to bring something to a potluck- I suggest you make this.

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