Introduction: Retro Camper Hoop Art

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I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in the past but I don't sew. It is just something I had never really picked up. I think I was always more of a crafter and my sister was more of a sewer. Well not that sewing isn't a craft. Lately as I drop off my pants to be shortened or check out the cost of curtains I find myself thinking why can't I sew? Maybe it's time to learn. I went even so far to make a pinterest board titled "Should I learn to sew?"

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Step 1: Finding a Pattern

I found myself pinning a lot of hoop art and then I came across Flamingo Toes 26 FUN AND FREE EMBROIDERY PATTERNS. I thought this would be a great launching point into sewing. Not to mention she had a Scotty retro camper pattern and I had a friend's birthday coming up that would love it! I downloaded Flamingo toes pattern here.

Step 2: Cut the Pattern

Then I cut out the whole camper from the pattern.

Step 3: What You Will Need

Here was my first rookie fabric mistake. I immediately was attracted to fabric quarters not even looking at the bolts of fabric. This was a pricey way to go but I definitely learned for next time. I also bought an 8 inch hoop and some solid cream fabric for the hoop. (Mistake number 2 should have bought muslin but it still worked out).

Step 4: Trace the Pattern on to the Back of Your Fabric.

Using the pattern trace only the top half of the camper over the fabric and do the same with the bottom half. Then cut out the doors and windows and trace them on contrasting or complementary fabric.

Step 5: Layout the Fabrics

I laid out my design before sewing just to make sure I liked it and everything was fitting as it should.

Step 6: Start Sewing

Now heres the tricky part sewing! It was actually not that tricky. The two things that presented challenges were trying to equally space the stitches and not sewing the excess fabric around the edge by accident. Which happened more than a few times.

I found this great ribbon to separate the camper and give it a little more dimension. Did anyone else pick up on the polka dot theme?

Step 7: And Your Done!

I am still so proud of this masterpiece. I can't wait to do another one this time for myself. Also did I mention I finished this in no time. It was one night on the couch watching tv. The idea behind it is simple enough that I may even be able to create my own designs.

And of course Danielle loved it along with her Mani/Pedi! Overall a successful birthday gift!

Step 8:

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