Introduction: Retrofitting Front Foglights, Škoda, Seat, Volkswagen, Audi

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This modification has been done on my Škoda Fabia Combi but the simular procedure goes for most Volkswagen Audi 'VAG' vehicles

Step 1: Parts Needed:

parts needed:

OEM switch with foglight setting

OEM foglights

4 pin automotive relay

Relay holder, 'I used one out of a Nissan, fitted the spare relay slots on my fusebox perfectly'


Electrical connectors and/or soldering iron and solder

Step 2: Wiring the New Switch

First of all, a new trigger wire needs added to the light switch connector pin 8

To remove the switch, push the dial in and turn clockwise to release the switch, then pull out the dash, it might be quite tight

Step 3: Wiring the Relay

Remove the appropriate panels to access the BCM or wherever you want to mount the relay, I mounted mine with all the others

Run the wiring to the appropriate locations, switch, front fogs, relay earth and relay positive 'battery'

Step 4: Relay Earthing

Ground the relay to the body, in the case of my Fabia, I used a screw on the dashboard support under the fusebox

Step 5: Mounting the Relay

I mounted mine in the BCM next the the existing relays, the relay mount from Nissan 'Terrano' fitted perfectly

The relay also came from the same vehicle

Step 6: Running Wires

it's up to you how you run the wires, I ran them across the bulkhead on the inside and out into the engine bay behind the glove box, I made a hole in the bulkhead previously for running multiple wires

I ran a wire to the fuse board on top of the battery which is the positive for the relay, connected it to a spare fuse slot, then ran another wire to the front fog light's location

the wiring from the switch to the relay taken the same route as the rest of the lights wiring

Step 7: Earthing the Fogs

After making the appropriate connections and wire runs, earth the negative wire to the vehicle body

Step 8: Fit the Lights

Remove blanks in bumper and fit the foglights in the front bumper, All the mounting locations were there in the Fabia, so very simple to do

Then reassemble it all in reverse order

Step 9: Test

test the lights, they should only work with the ignition on and when the sidelights, dip or mainframe lights are on too

I fitted LEDs in mine to match the sidelights