Introduction: Reuse That Old Mobile Charger

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Step 1: Introduction

Six months ago,i stumbled upon a site discussing about usb charging secrets,and it was really interesting and helpful ,for many of us got some few old mobile chargers.And it happened that i got few old standard mobile chargers hanging around.,tinkering for it to be useful again.The informations could be quite helpful for others ,And i want to share it here.
•or just donate and dispose old chargers to recyling box.

Step 2: Parts and Tools:

•an old mobile charger
•2* 100k resistor 
•1* 75k resistor
•female USB 
•perf board (optional)
•Soldering iron
•Soldering lead
•electrical tape or shrink tube
•Blade or wire stripper

Step 3: Steps

1.Make sure that the mobile charger your going to use is working properly(test it first).
2.Gather all the parts needed for the project.I used only salvaged resistors from an old cd player mobo for this project.
3.Now cut the cable wire's end of the charger to expose whats in it.(commonly you'll find 2 wires in old model chargers-consist of red and black only (+ and -)
4.Now test it using multimeter to check it's dc volt output.(usually its 5-5.2 vdc)
5.If you get the correct value of 5.2 vdc(my charger did) you're good to go.
6.Then proceed to make the dc voltage divider using the resistors mentioned in parts needed.
7.Follow the schematics showed in some parts of this ible and do the soldering job.
9.After you've done everything accordingly.Test it first using your multimeter.Don't test it directly on your iPhone or iPod.
10.After all the checking and testing the project.,wrapped it up using electrical tape or shrink tube.(i used both).
•Attached image here:
•You can use different values of resistors in this project ,but make sure to get the correct dc value needed to feed the 
Data + (= 2.06 vdc) and 
Data - (= 2.76 vdc)
•This project were meant to work for iPhones,iPod and other USB compliant devices.
•Resistor values in this project won't work for some brands like Samsung latest smartphones and others.
•If you want to make this kind of project for Samsung and other brands smartphones.,just try it for yourself or you may just refer to the infos showed in some parts of this ible,for the
dc values for Data+ and Data-

Step 4: How I Made

You can easily figured it out how simple it was made,as shown in images here.Just follow the schematics-which is quite simple to follow and basic know how to solder will be helpful.

•used and salvaged resistor were used in this project.

Step 5:

Step 6: Testing

First tested on multimeter,followed on iPod nano 2nd gen then for final test.,i tested it on iPhone.
Then wrapped it up with electrical tape.

Step 7: Source About USB's

•USB Charging "Past-Present-Future

Step 8:

Original configurations from source

Step 9: Result

The result eventually did it's purpose-Reusing my old mobile charger was achieved.Now i can use it for my old ipod nano that was given to me by my sister without the charger.Thanks for your time and hoping you enjoy reading this ible.,a heart would be highly appreciated.
God bless us all! :-)