Introduction: Reusing Different Lighting

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Old round glass solar lights and the silver casing from garden solar light no longer working.


1. Old round glass solar lights that have been carefully pulled apart.
2. Packet of glow in the dark tiny Xmas angels.
3. Tweezers, glue that adheres quickly and sticks.

Step 1: Old Solar Lights

Un screw old glass solar lights. They stopped working! Take out the glass part of the solar light carefully. I used another old solar light casing to put it in to after I decorated it with a little glow in the dark angel. You can glue them so they do not come off the casing or as I have done, just sat it on the top unglued. I can then decorate it more or as I have done, just sat it on top of the casing. I have two others in the photo. One is not decorated and the other I glued a fake flower and hung it inside with a strong adhesive glue called Fix and Go Multi grip. First time doing this and an instructables. Please be careful with young children touching them as after all they are glass. So much fun to make and with a variety of different fairy lights or your own lights purchased or home made , possibilities are endless. Different items that are tiny need some patience to get them exact inside and let the glue set overnight and another tip is: gently push on the item to hold it in place for a few seconds. This adheres the glue to make it set! Hope you enjoy this simple but beautiful instructables. Most of have a stash at home of all the things you need and a wild imagination.

Step 2: Reusing Old Solar Lights

If you give it a light cleaning when pulling the solar light apart it can save a lot of mess but do not use chemicals and wipe with a damp cloth and then dry. Some of this type of solar light has the glass protected by a metal casing and a plastic cover that has screws at the bottom. I am going to do another one of these so that there is photos for each step. This is my first instructables and now have more of an idea how to share it easier.
When taking out the screws try to keep them together as you can reuse them and the metal casing it is in. Be careful with the dome glass part when you pull it out and with any wiring. Make sure there isn't any charge left in them and they are turned off at the switch before disassembling anything. I am not an expert in this area but still could be nasty shocks.

Step 3: The Last Stage

Step 4: Finishing the Globe

Have the small item to add in the glass globe.
I use glow in the dark angels and any small craft items such as feathers,fake flowers,cut up pictures. You can be creative and I carefully put the glue on my glow in the dark angel and glued her to the middle of the globe. If you can find a lid such as a small coffee can one,you can glue the globe to it or just sit on a shelf. Have loads of fun with different ideas. Going to try some with bottles as well!