Introduction: Reversible Scrap Ribbon Belt

This looks like an intricate project but it was SUPER easy project that my 2.5 year old daughter and I did together. Sewing the belt in many stages makes it a manageable project.

We used every ribbon combination imaginable. The more colors, the more interesting. I let her pick the ribbons and order them and it was a lot of fun. Making the belt we worked in small 6 inch sections and tried to limit the repeat of ribbon throughout.

You can view more photos of the original project here.

Grab your scraps and let's get started!

Step 1: Material List & Getting Started

Before starting you'll need the following materials:
:: Ribbon Scraps
:: 1.5" cotton webbing
:: Fray Check or thread glue
:: 1.5" D Rings
:: Coordinating thread

Optional: 1.5" jacquard or decorative ribbon for the back of the belt

Tools needed: sewing machine and scissors

Before starting you'll also have to measure your waist or hip area....(where you like for your belt to sit) and add 8" to that measurement.

Cut your cotton webbing for your belt length based on the measurement above.

Step 2: Choosing an Assistant

Make sure you have an assistant that is super-skilled in picking out each sequence of ribbons.

Step 3: Starting the Ribbon Sequence

Take scrap pieces of ribbon and line up next to each other on your cotton webbing. You can pin the ribbon...........or (see next step)...

Step 4: Sewing the "Short" Ribbons Onto the Webbing is easiest just to put each ribbon on one at a time (one after the other) as you sew down the side of the cotton webbing (about 1/8" from the edge of the belt). Just make sure to leave your needle down when you lift the foot up to place the next ribbon so nothing shifts. Stop once you get 6 or 7 inches of ribbons added (I refer to these as your "short" ribbons). This 6 to 7 inch length is about all that is manageable to weave at one time.

Step 5: Attaching the "Long" Ribbons

Place 2 to 3 ribbons perpendicular to the ribbons you just sewed on (I refer to these as your "long" ribbons). Sew these ribbons onto the cotton webbing.

Step 6: Weaving Your Ribbons

Weave the long ribbons over and under the short ribbons.

Step 7: Securing the "Long" Ribbons

Making sure all the ribbons fit tightly together, sew the other end of the long ribbon pieces to secure them to the belt.

Step 8: Securing the "Short" Ribbons

Carefully sew the short ribbons securely to the belt (about 1/8" from the edge of the belt).

Step 9: Trimming the "Long" Ribbons

Trim your shorter ribbons on each side so that they are flush with the cotton webbing.........and trim your longer ribbons leaving about 1/4".

Step 10: Trimming the "Short" Ribbons

Trim your longer ribbons leaving about 1/4".

Step 11: Adding Your Next Set of "Short" Ribbons

Repeat all of the previous steps starting with laying a piece of short ribbon over the 1/4" ends that were just trimmed. Continue until you have another 6 to 7 inch length of short ribbons sewn on to the belt.

Step 12: Adding Your Next Set of "Long" Ribbons

Add your 2 to 3 longer ribbons by sewing directly over the stitch that secured the previous long ribbons. Then trim these ends to about 1/8".

Step 13: Repeat Process and Treat Ribbon Ends

Repeat the ribbon weaving process until your entire belt is full.

Note: In between steps you might want to add Dritz Fray Check to your ribbon edges if they start to unravel.

Step 14: Sewing the Edges

Use a zigzag stitch to sew all the edges of the belt.

Optional: I cut a long piece of ribbon jacquard (1" shorter than my belt length to leave room for the D rings) to sew onto the back of the belt for decoration and attached it with the zigzag stitch.

Step 15: Adding Hardware

Place your D rings together on one end of the belt.....

Step 16: Securing Hardware

......and fold your belt end back, and sew the fold closed. You may have to use a zipper foot here if your D rings get in the way (I had enough room and was able to use the regular foot). If you don't have a zipper foot you can sew by hand as well.

Step 17: Final Trimming

Trim any frayed edges or threads and add thread glue or Dritz Fray Check where needed.

Enjoy your belt! This would make a great gift for child or adult!

You can view more photos of the original project here.

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