Introduction: Revised: Toolbox Saddlebags for Under $20

I've updated the flimsy design of my toolbox saddlebag from it's previous version into something much more structurally sound and a bit more conventional.

The new design includes getting rid of the refrigerator racks & pipe clamps and replacing them with Conduit Hangers (available at your local home improvement store) and a few customized Elbow Brackets.

This new design conforms much tighter to the frame of the motorcycle without compromising on safety. This shifts most of the weight onto the muffler allowing for less vibration and bouncing. Flash fairings help to prevent the toolbox from melting under the heat of the exhaust pipe.

Aside from all of this good stuff, the toolboxes are easily removable/mounted with a simple slip-on/slip-off design which I shall illustrate further on. 

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Step 2: Bend the Elbow Bracket

Take note that the screws should be incorporated into the Elbow Bracket before bending.

Step 3: Attach the Conduit Hangers to the Bike's Frame

Step 4: Attach the Modified Elbow Brackets to the Toolbox

Step 5: Attach Flash Fairings to Toolbox