Reycled Plastic Bottle Cupcake Holders

Introduction: Reycled Plastic Bottle Cupcake Holders

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Use 2 litre coke, diet coke or coke zero plastic bottles and turn them into cupcake holders. When cut properly the containers are airtight and can be sealed with a strip of ribbon.

The bottles you use should have a seal line around the base and also an indented shape towards the bottom of the bottle, which allows it to create an airtight container that can be used for cupcakes, or even party favours.

Step 1:

For each cupcake container you will need 2 plastic bottles.

The bottom half of the cupcake container is cut along the seam line - as shown above.

The top half of the container is cut 20mm above the bottom seam line.

When these two sections are placed together they form a snug container that stays together on its own.

To make sure the container is secure, use glue dots to secure pretty ribbon along the join between the two sections.

Ta da! Free cupcake containers that are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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