Introduction: Ribbon & Yarn Storage

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Great way to store ribbon & or yarn


1. Wire storage rack

2. Rubbermaid FastSet Back Clips (attaches shelving to back wall)

3. Drill & 1/4" bit

4. Level

5. Hammer

6. Tape Measure

7. pencil

8. Hack saw

Step 2: STEP 2

Using the saw cut off the metal rods just above & below the basket part of wire rack.

Step 3: STEP 3: Mount Baskets

~ Choose wall to mount baskets. Mine go along side most of wall near top of my 'She Shed'.

Sorry it is a bit messy.

~ Measure distance from rod to rod on each end of basket & mark it on wall.

~ Drill 1/4" diameter holes, insert stems of Back Clip into holes all the way & drive pin by

tapping with hammer until seated.(do not hammer harder than necessary).

~ Snap rear rod of basket into hook of Back Clips, snap flaps closed over top of rod to lock

basket in place.

~ Repeat above for each basket you wish to put up. Add your ribbon, yarn or even small bottles

of paint