Introduction: Rice Flower Pot.....

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I love rice, and love to use rice every time. That is the reason I am ready with the one more rice masterpiece ..
Rice is very popular in Asian countries specially in India and also in my home. That is the reason of my experiments.
Main reason of this experiment was the reuse of waste cold drink bottle and of course it should look awesome......... So here I have rice to make it outstanding.


1) Empty cold drink bottle.
2) Rice.
3) paint color according to your choice.
4) paint brush.
5) Glue.
6) Cutter.
7) Pen.

Step 1: Mark It and Cut.

1) Mark 3 lines as shown in the image (top, middle and the bottom part).
2) cut all the lines neatly and carefully using cutter.

Step 2: Make Base.

1) Take the bottom and top of the bottle.
2) Using super glue stick them together.
Base is ready.

Step 3: Make Top.

1) Cut the middle part vertically perpendicular to the ground ( first make a line using scale).
2) Make a cone of it.
3) Glue it properly using super glue.

Step 4: Join It Together.

Step 5: Finally Use Rice.

1) Using paint brush put one coat of glue (fevicol) on pot.
2) Now sprinkler the rice on pot
3) After it gets dry remove the extra rice.
4) Now you can paint it.
5) You can also paint it before using rice, then also it will look beautiful.....

Step 6: Finally Done...

From a close look only you can see the rice and it will look lovely....

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