Introduction: Riding Mower Trailer Hitch for $5

It's great to be able to tow things with a garden tractor, but the $50 ones are crazy cash for a simple idea. It is in a perfect position for towing trailers, and leaves the factor pin opening still usable.

Step 1: Parts

So the big deal here is Harbor Freight's ATV winch plate for $4.99.

It turns out, the mounting holes match my JD D140 garden tractor.

Of course I'm assuming you have a ball and two square neck 3/8" bolts with lock washers and nuts.... as every guy that would do this would already have in a coffee can in the garage.

Step 2: Drill

Make a pilot hole in the rear of the plate and then use a stepped bit too get it to the size of your ball stem.

Step 3: Mounting

Align the winch plate to the slots on the rear of the tractor. There is just enough room to slip your hand behind the plate to insert the bolts. I used 4 washers as spacers between the plate and the tractor. Add your lock washers and nuts.

I rock the bolt with pliers to snap it at the point of the nut, then file for the clean look.

Step 4: Lights

My kids love hay rides, so I added a wiring harness to mine with a flasher. When I plug the trailer in, the parking lights go on and the hazards flash. Police approved!

This one is $7 at Menards.

They are wired to the headlight so that they only work when I want them to.

Step 5: Other Bracket

The other bracket is from PAC.

I use it to tow our choo choo wagon. The rubber bracket is mounted upside down so that it to does not interfere with the tow ball or trailer. It is flexible when turning and changing grade so and it does not damage the wagon handle.

Step 6: Successful Use

I didn't think to take a picture doing it, but after getting a hot tub home I didn't want to leave ruts in my grass from the car. SO, I used the garden tractor to tow it the 200' through the grass and EASILY position it next to my patio.

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