Introduction: Road Trips With Kids

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Look at my picture, Did you look at it? Is that how your car trips are? Well here are some ways to make your road trips (& possibly other trips) better, more fun, & safer for you and your children.

Step 1: Audio Books

This is a great thing to do on long car rides. Just play a audio book. My siblings and I love to do this.

Step 2: Bring Disposable Cameras

Bring your children disposable cameras to take pictures along the way (or if they are older you could let them use a digital camera). This is a great way for them to have fun & be more involved in your trip.

Step 3: Take Pictures of Your Kids

When you arrive at your stop/s take a picture of your kids with your mobile phone, that way if they were to get lost you would have a picture of them to show people.

Step 4: Goody Box

For road trips I would suggest bringing a goody box or bag for your kids to use during the trip. I good box/bag would include (depending on the age off your children)

  • Comic books / Picture books
  • Drawing pads
  • Pencils & Crayons (if bringing crayons do not leave them in a hot car they will melt and make a big mess)
  • Action Figures and/or Toy cars
  • Sudokus / Word finds
  • Music / Fun sing along CDs

Step 5: If Lost Call...........

In case you were to lose a child in a theme park / water park or other public place this is a good idea. Write on your child's arm- If lost call (your-cell-number) Make sure to let the ink dry, then paint over it with the paint on band-aids. (in the second picture I painted over it to soon & the words blurred.

Step 6: Kids Travel Journal

Give each of your kids a sketch pad to use as a travel journal. Tell them to draw pictures of there favorite places you go by. This will be great fun for them. I used to do this when I would go on trips.

Step 7: Extra: 1 Tip for Before You Start

1 Extra tip for before you go:

When you plan your trips find out what cool places you could visit that would be nearby were you are passing through. Then try to get some brochures of those places and involve your kids in helping pick which places to go. They will really enjoy this, & make them anticipate the trip more than ever.

Step 8: No More

Well Everyone, I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Don't forget to vote. One more thing enjoy your trip :D

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