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My boyfriend loves comic books. A lot. And his enthusiasm has rubbed of a little.
But where as I love Batman (I mean it's batman!!!!!!!) his favorite character is Robin (Dick Grayson version).

Now, our anniversary is coming up and I want to do a boudoir photoshoot. You know, lingerie and stuff. I think it sounds like so much fun
So for the shoot, I am trying to gather (and make) a few outfits that will be sexy but also have a sense of being personal.

And hence the (hopefully) sexy Robin Pajamas.

Step 1: What Do You Need?


A plain red tank top

a pair of green pants I inherited from an old house mate

a scrap of yellow and black fabric I had left from my Sally Skellington Costume



sewing machine

fabric glue (a pinch)

measuring tape (optional)

dress form (completely optional)

Step 2: The Logo

make up the logo by cutting a circle from the black fabric scrap.

next sketch out a letter "R" on the yellow fabric and cut it out. Don't be an idiot like me, but rather sketch it in mirror image so you can't see the lines in the final product.

Also cut a few (I did three) rectangles from your yellow fabric. Mine are roughly half an inch tall and 2 inches wide.

My black and yellow fabrics really did not wanting to play nicely together; so I ended up using fabric glue to attach the R and the circle.

Step 3: Sewing!

Pin the logo on the shirt in the position you want it. Roughly where a breast pocket would be.
I used my dress form to locate the right spot, but you could lay it out on the bed or try it on and use a mirror, it's up to you.

Also pin the three rectangles in the center of your top.

Take it off and sew the lot together. I used a zig-zag stitch so it could stretch slightly if it needed to.
I also like that it has a very home-made look.

That's the top done.

I struggle taking selfies. sorry. I'll try later using the bathroom mirror when the whole thing is done.

Step 4: Pants

That's all the fun, easy stuff out of the way. Now the pants.

I have these terrible green pants that an old house mate left behind. (If she reads this I'll be in so much trouble for cutting them up) I am going to attempt to transform them in shorts that are a bit cuter and hopefully mega comfortable.

They aren't the exact color Robin wears (they should really be darker), but this whole thing is quite a loose interpretation of the outfit.

First step: trying to determine how long they need to be.
you can measure them out with your tape measure, but I just put them on and eyeballed where I thought they would look good.

Step 5: Cutting Your Pants

I decided to make them slightly shorter on the sides than in the middle.
I feel like it looks sexier without leaving you completely uncovered.

the diagonal line also helps to make my flabby, butterball thighs look a little slimmer.

Step 6: Hemming

Hem the pants using your sewing machine.

I first used a zig-zag stitch over the edge of the fabric to keep it from fraying and then hemmed the rest of the shorts using a straight stitch.

i didn't have green cotton so used white. I'm ok with them this way.

Step 7: SELFIES!

put on an extra bra and take some snaps.
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