Introduction: Robot Candy Carrie

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This is Robot Candy Carrie. Her purpose is to move around on her own and offer candy to people from the bowl shape of the top of her body. Good luck putting her together! (designed by Lea Cohen).

Step 1: The Body.

Cut along the outer border of the entire continuous image.

Step 2: The Legs.

Cut along the RED top edges of the three house-shapes. Fold the RED edges with x’s back so the x’s touch. Tape together to form the three-dimensional feet.

Step 3: First Fold.

Hold the pattern so that the colorful side is facing you. Along the horizontal dashed line, fold the circle back at a 90 degree angle.

Step 4: Form the Shape.

Wrap the right and left sides of the main rectangle along the edges of the main circle and tape the two pairs of GREEN x’s together (so that the x’s on the rectangle match up with the x’s on the circle).

Step 5: Some Depth.

Cut out the RED slice in the circular part of the body and discard this piece. Pull the edges of the gap together to form a concave bowl shape, and tape to secure.

Step 6: Last Touch - the Hands.

Fold the vertical dashed lines on the PINK heart hands backwards at a 45 degree angle so they form three-dimensional hands. You're done!