Introduction: Robot Heartbeat Valentine Card

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This fun valentine card uses Chibitronics circuit stickers to bring an adorable robot to life.

For this card you'll need:

This card was designed for our card making workshop with the Yukon Letter Writing Club. The circuit stickers were generously provided by Chibitronics.

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Step 1: Make the Card

Fold your sheet of cardstock in half.

Fold it in half again so you now have an invitation-sized greeting card.

Cut along one folded edge to the center, to create a flap that will go behind the front of the card.

Step 2: Make the Robot

Design your robot.

Cut shapes for the head, body, feet and arms out of grey cardstock.

Using a hole punch and/or craft knife, cut out holes in the grey cardstock for eyes and a heart.

Position your robot pieces on the front of the card and trace where the holes are located.

Cut through both the front of the card and the extra flap where the heart and eyes will be. Be careful to make sure your holes are smaller than the robot pieces.

Glue or tape paper over the holes on the inside flap. We used white paper over the hole for the eyes and pink paper over the heart.

Glue or tape the robot pieces to the front of the card.

Step 3: Positioning the LEDs

Mark the centre of the eyes and heart on the card.

You can use the Chibitronics stencil to draw the shape of the LEDs on the card.

Make two cuts in the inside flap, and fold back the cardstock over where you will position the battery. This folded paper will work like a spring and keep the circuit from being turned on unless someone presses the front of the card.

Step 4: Make the Circuit

Use copper tape to connect the circuit. Since the tape's adhesive is not conductive, use a continuous piece of tape between each connection. It is helpful to fold the tape to make corners.

Stick down the LED stickers and effect sticker. The effect sticker has three pads: + and – for power and a signal pad that generates the pattern. The signal pad is pre-programmed to switch between + and -, which causes the lights connected to it to turn on and off.

Tape the battery into position, being very careful to leave the top of the battery exposed so it can make a connection to the copper tape on the inside of the front of the card.

For this card, when someone presses over the battery, the LEDs for the two eyes are on and the LED for the heart beats thanks to the heartbeat effect sticker.

Step 5: Decorate!

Add the finishing touches to your card.

We used pens and markers to add the robot's arms and legs and write "I'm nuts and bolts about you" and "press here".

If you are putting this card in an envelope or sending it in the mail, place a post-it note over the battery to prevent the battery from being drained before the recipient can use it.

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