Introduction: Rocket Inspired Copper Pen Stand

This is a cool project made using some basic materials lying around the house. This can be used as a room decor and also a cool pen stand / pen holder .


  • copper wire (thich and thin)
  • A3 sheet
  • Glue
  • Wood as base
  • Some pliers

Step 1: Making the Base

Use some pliers and a PVC pipe to make a base like shown in the picture. Then make the back fire using thin copper wire and attach it to the copper base(make about 6 to 7 fire to make it look cool). Then drill a hole in the wooden base and attach the copper base to it.

Step 2: The Paper Part

Now roll a piece of paper into a cylinder and attach a bottle cap to its one end . Then slip it inside the copper base as shown in the picture. Then cut a circle and roll it into a cone to make the nose

Step 3: Voila!

Now add some pens and you are ready to go.

Get creative buy adding some light or more details to the project

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