Introduction: Rocket Lamp

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Here is the good project to start developing your skills with scroll saw or coping saw.

This lamp is super easy to make and it's a fun build

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I build my lamp out of 11mm birch plywood. I used a scroll saw, hole saw, drill and some sand paper.

I used a bandsaw to downsize my work pieces, but you can use a handheld jigsaw instead.

I put a set of plans together, You can get Free plans here.

Download the plans and glue them to the plywood. Any spray adhesive will do the work. You can also use a regular glue stick.

Step 2: Cutting All the Pieces. No CNC Required =)

I love working with a scroll saw. With enough practice you can make an awesome pieces of art. who needs a CNC if you have a scroll saw? =)

With a good blade you you can archive an amazingly smooth edge finish that requires no sanding! Parts coming out ready to use. #9 blade will be perfect for this job.

Step 3: Mounting the Light Bulb

For my build I used the "SECOND" cord set from IKEA. You can probably find something similar in your local hardware store. But make sure you have all the measurements right before drilling the hole for the light bulb socket in your centerpiece.

Step 4: Assembling the Lamp

There is not much to it. If you have a tight fit you don't need any glue. Just use a soft mallet to fit the parts together. If the joints are too tight you can use a file or a sand paper to make it just right. If your joints a lose you may use some wood glue to hold it together. It's good to give your parts a light sanding to remove any imperfections such as rough surfaces or smooth out the edges.

Step 5: And Here It Is! Your Cosmic Rocket Lamp Is Ready =)

It's an awesome home decor piece. You can put a colour changing LED bulb to bring some extra coolness to your project =)

Step 6: Check Out More Videos!!!

If you like this project you will like my other DIY videos on my Youtube Channel =) Don't forget to subscribe for more awesome builds like this =)

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