Introduction: Rocket Ship Lamp

Super simple Rocketship lamp can be easily made, modified and upgraded!


Step 1: Assemble the Base

Start with a circle wood base, 8 in diameter.

Drill holes for the wire and stain it.

Then work your way up, feeding the power cord thru the floor flange, 45 degree elbow, the rod, and the 90 degree elbow.

Step 2: Assemble Your Lights and Switch

Next assemble the lamp sockets in 3 of the 4 90 degree elbows.

Drill a hole in the lamp mount for the toggle switch.

Assemble the elbows to the lamp mount and rod.

Step 3: Wire and Complete

Connect all the wires using twist-on plastic caps or wire nuts.

Position and tighten everything.

Add your bulbs and blast off!

Step 4: Rocket Ship Lamp

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