Introduction: Simple Pet Treat Dispensing Toy

Make a self feeding interactive food/treat dispensing toy with few supplies in about 10 minutes!


1 – 2 Litter Soda Bottle
1 – Golf Wiffle Ball
1 – Wood Skewer Stick
1 – Rubber Band
4 - Zip Ties
Small Dog Food or Treats
Table Leg

Step 1: Wiffle Ball Loop and Swoop

Weave and loop the rubber band thru the wiffle ball.

Step 2: Skewer Your Bottle

Make two holes in the 2 Littler Soda Bottle. I used the decorative lines on the soda bottle to help line up the holes. This is where you will insert the wood skewer in the next step.

Step 3: Assemble Challenge

This step can be a little tricky but also a fun game. Place the wiffleball on the end of the 2 little bottle with the rubber band inside. Then carefully insert the skewer in one hole and thru the rubber band. Then carefully up in thru the other hole on the bottle.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Push the wiffle ball to the side and fill with food/treats. I also snipped the wood skewer down and added some tape to the ends.

Step 5: Mount and Play!

Zip tie the bottle to a sturdy object. I used the leg of a table. Teach your pet to nudge the wiffle ball with nose or paw resulting in a fun reward. We are still working on that…

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