Introduction: Rocking Horse

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After finding rocking horses for sail that cost upwards of $200 I decided to try my hand and kids toys for my niece.  All in all I think I spent about $20, not including the paint I already had at hand and extra plywood lying around.  She's been rocking on this little bad boy for over 2 years and hasn't had a problem yet.  

Tools needed:

- Jigsaw for the swishy-ness of wood cuts.
- Painting supplies.
- Dowel (handle bars)
- Wood glue (for attaching the dowel, and eyes)
- Some nail/screws to attach the mane and tail and pieces together.

Step 1: Cutting All the Pieces You'll Need

I just took a piece of plywood, doesn't have to be fancy but it does have to be strong.

The knobs on the edges of the big piece are somewhat essential in order to stop the rider from rolling over forwards/backwards.

A primer coat helps let the true colors shine!

Step 2: Almost All the Pieces, Starting to Come Together.

Step 3: Finish Up With a Little Paint, Eyes and a Tail/mane and Your Good to Ride!