Introduction: Roll-up Tool Bag

A tool bag for organizing bicycle tools and spares for roadside repairs. Design objectives: holds everything tight and does not rattle while riding; stows in a pannier bag or inside a cut-off drink bottle; fits all tools required in one place, which can be removed when locking the bike in public to prevent theft; can be laid out on the ground to provide a clean workspace while working outdoors in dirt, sand, etc.

Step 1: Cutting and Sewing the Bag

An old curtain was used to make this bag - the fabric is not too light but not too thick either.

Cut to 55cm x 34cm. Hem 1cm on each side, resulting in a piece 53cm x 32cm. Now, measuring along the 53cm side, mark 20cm from each end. Do this along the top and bottom - this is how far the sides are folded in, creating pockets 10cm deep.

Fold one side in to the mark and sew along the top and bottom edges, going forwards and then backwards to double up the stitching. At some points the needle needs to pierce 5 layers so it can get tough. Repeat this for the other side, then snip the loose ends (they weren't tied off).

Fill with tools, spare tubes, etc. then roll up and slip over some hair ties to keep it together.

Adjust the dimensions as required. These dimensions were just right for the pump in my kit measuring 30cm, as well as spare spokes around the same length. (Note the adjustable wrench in the main photo has a removable extension handle so it does fit inside the bag)