Introduction: Rolled Paper Clock

Do you have a lot of brochures but no wall clock at home?

Then I have the solution!

You can make a fancy wall clock without tools and with simple materials.


  • cardboard box or cardboard (I used a 20x20x5cm cardboard box)
  • papers (I used market flyers)
  • clock mechanism kit
  • Foto

  • glue
  • paint and brushes (optional)

Step 1: Preparation

At the beginning I glued the corners and the center of the box.

Then I colored the cardboard white.

The brochure was torn in three different sizes.

  • big rectangle 18x15cm
  • small rectangle 8x15cm
  • stripes 6x29cm

Step 2: Rolling the Paper

I've wrapped the rectangular papers diagonally and then rolled it up.

I rolled the stripes with the direction to the long side, as you can see in the video.

Step 3: Glue Together

In the center of the clock i didn't place any rolled paper but a printed piece of a map. Then the clock mechanism was placed at the center. The clock hands must be able to rotate free, so don't place rolled paper near the center. I placed the bigger rolled papers at the outer sides and the smaller ones near the center. The stripes were glued around the box as a frame.

Step 4: Finished

That´s it!

The wall clock is only made with 3-4 materials in 3 steps, very low cost and a lot of imagination :)

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