Introduction: Rollercoaster Ring Lift, a Knex Ball Machine Lift

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This are the instructions for the Rollercoaster Ring Lift, a lift first used in my knex ball machine Elysium.

It uses rollercoaster parts, and it's a ring, so that should explain the name for this lift.

If you want to build this lift, please read every image note!

When you encounter any problem or have a question, don't hesitate to send me a message.

Thanks for watching / building!


Step 1: Piece Count

If you want you can count the pieces before you start building.

Here is a list with all pieces included in this lift, named by their original colour:


Green: 153

White: 183

Blue: 178

Yellow: 87

Red: 47

Grey: 19

Total rods: 667


Dark-grey: 47

Light-grey: 102

Orange: 167

Red: 82

Green: 18

Yellow: 83

White: 6

Purple: 80

Blue: 4

Cross tie: 46

Total connectors: 635


Blue spacer: 141

Silver spacer: 45

Tan clip: 5

Y-clip: 24

Small blue gear: 1

Medium red gear: 7

Medium hub: 8

Chain link: 141

Track: 3

Track splice: 2

Motor: 1

Total other: 378

Grand Total: 1680

Step 2: Entrance

This is the entrance, here the balls wait to enter the lift.

Step 3: Support Tower and Motor

In this step we will build the support tower, which is obviously necessary to keep the lift from collapsing. The motor section is incorporated in the tower, so that's why we build these two things in one step.

Step 4: Exit

The exit, where the balls will leave the carts and exit the lift.

Step 5: Ring Parts

In this step we will build all ring parts (except for the ring gears part, see step 6) and start contructing the ring, more specifically the bottom part of the ring and the top part of the ring. You can put the unused ring parts aside, we will use them later in another step.

Step 6: Ring Gears

As the title says, this is the part of the ring where the gears are situated. First we make 3 different ring parts to support the gears, after that the gears will be added.

Step 7: Ring Continued

In this step we use the ring parts we built before to complete the ring structure.

Step 8: Cross Ties

Now it's time to add the cross ties. These parts will hold the tubes in place.

Step 9: Track and Chain

First attach the middle track, pay close attention to the pictures. After that, the 2 other tracks can be attached. Finally, we will add the chain.

Step 10: Carts

The final step, it's time to build the carts!

Step 11: Finished!

Congratulations, you finished your Rollercoaster Ring Lift!

Always slide the switch of the motor to the left.

Thanks for watching / building!


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