Introduction: Rotatable Model Display Stand

In this project, I made a rotatable display stand, you can put your favorite model on it and display it! The display stand can carry any object below 16kg and will turn 180 degrees anticlockwise and then turn 180 degrees back to its original position.


You will need the followings:

  • An Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO

  • 3 wires
  • A USB transmitter
  • A Tower Pro MG996R servo motor
  • A piece of big cardboard
  • Arduino IDE

  • A Computer

  • Scissor or utility knife

  • Hot melt glue guns

Step 1: Copy a Circuit Like the One in This Image

Step 2: Click the Link Below to See the Code

Step 3: Making the Outline of the Display Stand

First, cut the cardboard into the following pieces:

  1. 4 trapezoids
  2. A Square with a hollow circle at the middle
  3. Use the circle that is cut down from the square
  4. A Rectangle

The measurements for each piece are shown in the images

Step 4: Assemble the Pieces Together ( the Result Should Look Like the Image Below)

Step 5: Cut a Hole for the USB Transmitter

Step 6: The Interior Design

The image on the left is the interior structure of the display stand.

Inside the display stand, I put two rectangular cardboard at the left and the right to help balance the circular board, their dimensions are 8.5cm times 26.5cm.

In the center, I put a small table to help lift the servo motor to a height of 3.6 cm (the motor itself is 4.7 cm tall)

You should stick the top of the servo motor to the center of the circular board, and stick it onto the table.

Step 7: Plug in the USB Transmitters to Your Computer and Put Your Model on It for Display!