Rubber-Band CD Banjo!

Introduction: Rubber-Band CD Banjo!

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Here's a quick little banjo you can make with your kids using only some rubber bands and a CD case! Nothing else, no tools required!

First, you'll need one of those CD cases that CDs come in. If you have some, grab a few, some cases will work better than others.

Next you will need some rubber bands. Get a variety of them for more sounds.

Step 1: Band It!

Find a creative way to wrap the rubber bands on the CD case. The one in the pictures has four notches in it - I used those to keep the rubber bands in place.

I also found a place on the top of the CD case where I can wrap the bands around, too.

If your CD cases don't have anything like these, you could cut your own notches, or even use strapping tape to keep the rubber bands put.

Step 2: Adjust Tension

You can change the tension of the rubber bands to get just the right sound. Have your kids lide the rubber bands around to experiment with the different sounds they make.

Here's a video of the banjo in action:

Have fun!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    try  to replace rubber with the stretch high tech-plymeric plastic string or cord. You can get  a spool of 15 ft. for a couple of dollars from any craft carrying store as Micheals or Meijers. etc. It wont age like rubber and sounds  really good. see my latest Instrt- Mini-banjo dated  3-19-10 .


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    i agree with "bartboy" you should call it a "rubber bandjo"