Introduction: Rubber Band Car

This car moves with the help of the rubber band and it is very much easy to make it. You can easily make it at home and can enjoy with it. IF you'll try to make it at home it will also increase your thinking ability and your craft skills. This car can move as fast as much big you take the rubber band, because if the rubber band will be big you can roll it more number of times that will lead to the good speed of the car and for a long distance. It is ideal for children to play with and have a fun to colorize.

Step 1: Parts Used to Make Rubber Band Car

Few things are used to make rubber band car. Parts that are used to rubber band car are as follows:

1) Cardboard - It is used here to design the body and structure of the rubber band car.

2) Hot glue gun with its glue sticks - It is used here to fix all the parts from each other.

3) Four bottle caps - It is used here as tires of the rubber band car that helps the car to move forward.

4) Big size rubber band - This is the most important part of this project. Due to this the car moves forward.

5) Straws - Straws are used to give good look to the car and also ensures that car moves properly.

6) Thin big size toothpicks - These toothpicks are used to to attach the tires from the body of the car.

Step 2: How to Make the Body/structure of the Car

Firstly draw the outline of the car and then cut the two equal pieces of that outlines. Then cut out the spaces of the tyres. Make sure that the pieces that you cut it out should be neat and clean. The cutting should be done very carefully and properly so that it make look your car more good.

Step 3: How to Put on the Tyres and the Rubber Band

Firstly do holes at the center on the tyres and then put both the tyres inside that long toothpick and stick it there with the help of the hot glue gun. After that stick that tires stick on the base of the car in one side. and similarly do the same for the front tyres of the car. After doing this take short piece of stick and attach it in the side of blunt cone and attach rubber band to it with the help of the hot glue gun.

Step 4: How to Make the Base of the Car

Firstly take a piece of cardboard that should be of the same length of the side bases of the car. Then make those thin rectangular boxes accordingly by seeing the picture that I had posted and cut them out with the help of the scissors. After that make a blunt cone type outline in the mid of that cardboard piece like I did, kindly see the pictures to make yourself more clear and then cut it out those tracings properly.

Step 5: Upper Body of the Car

Cut these types of pieces that are shown in the picture. And then paste this in front side of the car and after doing this cut a big piece of cardboard after measuring the length and width of the car and then paste it from above with the hot glue gun. Then your car will be prepare and its body will get ready.

Step 6: Paint the Car

You can also paint your car with different and attractive water colour paints to make it more attractive and to give an awesome look to your car. You can design it with your own creativity and imagination that will lead to a great output.

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