Introduction: Rubber Band Lego Guy Vertical Catapult (FAST)

This is a fun project to make if you are looking for a way to launch a Lego guy at least ten feet in the air. I have a nine foot ceiling and it hits the ceiling every time. It takes about 10 minutes to build, and is very sturdy. I apologise, as this is my first Instructable, and I have no experience with this.


  • 41 2x4 blocks
  • 9 2x2 blocks
  • 4 2x6 blocks
  • 4 1x2 with 1 hole
  • 4 1x4 with three holes
  • 4 1x2 with no holes
  • 1 2x4 plate
  • 1 2x2 plate
  • 1 1x2 smooth plate
  • 1 2x4 boat piece? double slope?
  • 1 7in rubber band (approximately. If you have a smaller or bigger rubber band that's ok)
  • 1 reasonably sized axle piece, at least 8 studs long

Step 1: Base

Use any old baseplate you have lying around. I used an 8x16 plate, but any bigger size will work too.

Start with a row across that is three bricks long, and add one brick going the other way at each end. The three blocks in the middle are positioned one stud away from the back of the build.

Step 2: 2nd Layer

Overlap two bricks in the middle of the back row. Then build the sides. I used the 2x6 bricks here, but you can use a 2x4 and a 2x2 if you want. The middle part is 3 2x2 bricks.

Step 3: 3rd Layer

This is where you put in the exciting parts. The 4 1x4s go across from each other, they are yellow, light grey dark grey and tan in the pic. I used a 1x6 with five holes because I did not have anything else. Two 2x4 bricks go in the middle of the sides, sticking out 2 studs. These are what holds the rubber band

Step 4: 3rd Layer Part Two

Fill in the empty spaces with bricks and put the 2x4 plate on top of the middle two 1x4s.

Step 5: 5 Layers Later...

Build up, alternating between steps 1 and 2, until you have built five more layers, for a total of 8. it does not matter where you put the 2x6 vs the 2x4, as long as the bricks alternate places

Step 6: Last Layer

Put a stack of 2 2x4s on each side to hold the rubber band up. put more on for a bigger rubber band, and less for a smaller rubber band. The 3 2x4 in the back has no purpose other than aesthetics, so it is not necessary.

Step 7: Bucket

Stack 2 1x2 with holes on top of the 2x2 plate. turn 90deg, and add the other two 1x2 with holes on top. Put the double slope on such that the U part is on the same side as the top holes. Put 2 1x2s on either side, and add the other two to the front stacked. Put the smooth 1x2 plate behind it .

Step 8: Rubber Band

Thread the rubber band through the bottom hole, all the way out to the other side so the bucket rests in the middle.

Step 9: Finish

Hook one end of the rubber band to the protuberance on one side, and stretch the rubber band across to the other side and hook it, leaving the bucket in the middle.

Step 10: Firing

Push the bucket down so the top holes line up with the holes of the 2x4s. if this is tricky, but possible, than your catapult is working. Stick the axle piece through the 6 pieces. To fire, pull out the axle FROM THE BACK. If you pull it out from the front, the whole middle part WILL rip off the buildplate. if something comes off, stick it back on.


That's about it!

Thank you for reading!


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