Introduction: Rubber Band Toy Gun

This is a youtube video of a test and how to build it!


Step 1: Material

for this build you will need

-a 3/4 inch piece of wood

-a wooden rod

-chlotes pin




Step 2: The Body

In the first place draw and cut the shape of the gun

Step 3: The Barrel

For the barrel take the same angle as on the body(shown on the picture) and cut the barrel so that it measures approximately 8 inch. Also make a small cut for the rubber.

Step 4:

Now it is time to glue allparts together as shown on the picture. You can add nail to make sure the barrel stay in position.

Step 5: Customize

Now the rubber band gun is ready to use!! You can make biger gun and customize it as you want to make it longer and even with two barrels.

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