Introduction: Rubber Band Uses

Hey guys. Now I know this is not necessarily a "how-to" or DIY sort of Instructable, but seeing the Unusual Uses challenge, I decided to share the uses that I've found for one of the most easy to find items out there: rubber bands

Step 1: Use #1: Nice Smartphone Stand

Now, this one does require another item but USB batteries are relatively easy to come by. Any other object with a similar size can work, it's just nice to also be able to charge your phone while using it propped up. I use this one a LOT.

You will need

  • rubber bands (number will depend upon thickness of rubber bands/necessary friction)
  • pocket USB battery (or other similarly sized object)

Usually, I only need to put rubber bands on the USB battery, but sometimes a rubber band on the phone will help.

Step 2: Use #2: Rubber Band Ball

This one is a little more common but still just as useful. Not only are rubber band balls fun to play with (although quite bouncy, be careful) but they are also good to collect rubber bands. I couldn't find mine to include a picture of it, but the name is self-explanatory.

Step 3: Use #3: Cable Gatherer

Another obvious use but nonetheless useful.

Step 4: That Is All for Now

That is all for now, guys. I bring my rubber band ball on trips just because of how useful they can be. Be sure to leave any of your favorite rubber band uses in the comments! Take it easy.

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