Introduction: Rubber Band Shooter

As you can see there is a giant hole type crack thing you DO NOT need it the shooter can also make little sounds if you pluck the rubber bands.

This project is cool and easy to do. If nail is put in wrong, the best way to take it out is to use pliers or attach nail to drill and pull back.

Also you can attach a piece of wood to the opposite end of the part with the rubber band so the nail doesn't fly off but hasn't happened to me yet.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a circular piece of wood, a small rubber band and 2 nails. You CAN use a drill bit smaller than the nail to make it easier to get the nail in the wood. You do not want to crack the wood. Use a hammer to hit the nails in.

Step 2: Nail Tip

Use a small drill bit to drill into the end of the circular wood piece, then hammer the nail into the wood piece.

Step 3: Trigger

Use your drill bit that you used on the tip to drill through the wood upwards. You may sand down the edge of the trigger. Wiggle the nail around to make sure that you can pull the nail in and out easily.

Step 4: Rubber Band

Attach the small rubber band to both nails. To make a sound lift up the nail and lift up the rubber band.

Step 5: How to Fire

Pull down on the opposite side of the rubber band to fire!

Step 6: Information

If you have a question or suggestion leave a comment. If you cannot figure something out I will be happy to help.

                                                            HAVE FUN SHOOTING