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Introduction: Rubberband Car

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Make a rubber band car that when winded up or pulled back will wrap the rubber band around the wheel axle and unwind itself once let go of, propelling the car forward.

Materials: wood, wood glue, drill, saw, miter saw, staples

1. Cut off four strips of wood, which form the basic frame onto which you attach everything else. Remember that this will form the dimensions of the car. You probably want the car to be about twice as long lengthwise as it is the other way.
2. Clamp the boards together and drill two holes in it: one at each end.
3. Glue the boards together in a rectangular fashion.
4. Trace circles on a wooden board using a cup and cut them out with the miter saw.
5. Draw a right triangle in the circle and another same sized triangle rotated in relation to the other triangle. The intersection will give you the center of the circle.
6. Drill a hole in this center area.
7. Take the wooden dowel and feed it through the holes in the wooden frame. Slip the wheels onto each end of the dowel on both dowels. Make sure the frame holes, wheel holes, and dowel all have the same diameter, otherwise it won't fit together right.
8. Glue the wheels onto the axles.
9. Glue two wooden axles on the top of the frame.
10. Attach a rubber band from the wooden axle on top  to the wheel axle (stapling it in place).
11. Attach rubber bands around the various places in the car to decorate it (optional).
12. It is ready to go. Just pull the car back and watch it roar.
13. As always, thanks for watching and feel free to come up with your own ideas and experiment.

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