Introduction: Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg created by:

Tommy Tidstrom

Jordan Wernert

Trenton Davis

Adalee Ingle

Nia Tomes

Step 1: Candle Is Lit

We light our small candle which will be placed under fishing line to burn the fishing line which starts our Rube Goldberg.

Step 2: The String Then Allows the Pulley System to Fall Onto the Dominos

Once the string is burnt, our pulley system activates and a cup filled with rocks falls onto dominoes.

Step 3: Dominos Fall Onto the Tire Pushing It

The dominoes and hit a tire which rolls into more dominoes that starts more chain reactions.

Step 4: The Ball Rolls Into the Dominoes at the Other End

From here the tire hits the next set of dominoes that we have placed.

Step 5: Dominoes Split Into 2 Paths

The dominoes that were hit by the rolling tire split off into two paths for different outcomes on both sides.

Step 6: Spiked Domino Hits Balloon Filled With Beads

There is a domino with a needle taped to it, this domino pops a balloon filled with beads and the beads start another chain reaction.

Step 7: Pipe Leads Beads Into Boat

The beads from the balloon fall into the PVC pipe and the pipe leads into a boat in water.

Step 8: Boat Sinks

The boat is the to heavy for the water and the boat sinks and the water falls out of its container.

Step 9: Dominoes Fall Into the Marble Waiting at Top of Coaster

While the boat is sinking, the dominoes hit a marble that is previously placed at the top of a roller coaster.

Step 10: Coaster Happens

The marble then runs through the coaster.

Step 11: Light Comes On

The marble hit the dominoes at the bottom of the coaster and the dominoes fall to complete a circuit and the light bulb turns on.