Introduction: Rube Goldberg Machine

How old is turning a page of a book with one flick of the wrist? Well with this device you dont have to be simple, all you have to is connect the string to play the page and roll a golf ball down a ramp.

Step 1: Down the Ramp

First, we decided to stick a big piece of cardboard onto the wall, since we did not like the idea of sticking seperate items onto the wall by themselves. We thought this would be handy and particularly helpful when transporting our Rube Goldberg Machine.

2. Next we developed the idea of attaching several cardboard ramps on the
cardboard. We constructed these ramps using the materials empty toilet
paper rolls and empty wrapping paper rolls, but decided to cut the in half.
We secured the ramps onto the cardboard with duct/masking tape.
Overall, we attached three ramps onto the surface.

- On the entrance of the third ramp, we realised that the golf ball would roll off the back, so we chose to attach a piece of cardboard to prevent it rolling off and to make sure it would roll down the right ramp, at the right angle.

Step 2: Threw the Cup

We then placed a cardboard cup beside the third ramp. Since we knew that the ball wouldn't go threw the cups bottom we removed the bottom surface of the cup so the golf ball would go threw smoothly.

Step 3: Double Cup

We then chose to remove the bottom off two other cups and attach them together we placed them cups directly below the first cup. So after the ball fell through the first cup, it fell through the other joined cups as well.

Step 4: Domino Hill

The ball would then go down a cardboard ramp made by a leftover half a piece of cardboard. At first the golf ball was too big for it to easily go through the joined cups and down onto the ramp. We cut a circular hole so the opening for the golf ball was bigger. After the ball goes down the ramp it will hit some dominos. Them dominos will then go up a ramp (made of dominos ) and hit another ball. We did this so the ball will have more speed and momentum to go threw the next obstacle.

Step 5: Guided Roll

To guide the ball it would then go down a cardboard ramp made from half a toilet paper roll and a box of dominos. We realised this wasn't enough so infront of the dominos box we placed one quarter of a longer cardboard roll on each side to guide it for longer.

Step 6: Across the Table

Since one table wasn't big enough for our plans we decided to use another slightly smaller table and place it next to our other table. Considering the first table was a semi circle and not a rectangle like the other one we had to find a way to get the ball across without if falling of the table, so we used another spare half a wrapping paper roll to easily lead the ball to the next table.

Step 7: Domino Fall

The next step is domino fall, this step is important because it gives the ball in the step after this speed so it can complete our task. We arranged our dominos in a snake like position very close together. We did this so it could give the ball more of a push, we then allocated the lighter dominos at the front and the heavier ones at the back so the heavier ones can end off and have the last push.

Step 8: Down the Tube

The last domino will then hit yet another golf ball. That golf ball will be pushed down into two cups with the bottom surface just like double cup, it then goes down a ramp made of three half a toilet paper rolls. The golf ball stopped right before it went down the ramp because it was to big so again we cut another semi- circular hole in the bottom of the double cups.

Step 9: Turning the Page

Next, we placed a cardboard box on the ground infront of the second table this is so the ball is still high enough to turn the page. We connected a level half a cardboard wrapping paper roll to the ramp so the golf ball would go straight. When then got our fourth golf ball and tided string around it ( secured with duct tape) and placed the other end of the string on the page of the book you would like to turn. We then placed it on the ramp in a position were it would stay, so when the third golf ball comes down the ramp it will hit the fourth golf ball causing it to go forwards and turning the page of the book.