Introduction: Rube Goldberg Machine Step 1


Our Material ranged from Wood to pencils and nails to dominos which gave our Rube Goldberg Machine a lot of Variety and different ways of using materials. For our first section we used

Red Paper

3 Cardboard boxes

Foot long half pipe

39 Dominos

1 Marble

1 car

A CM Diametre pipe

Domino Boxes

Ply wood


'V' Shaped Guider

Part of the Table

And a lot of sticky tape

Step 1: Rube Goldberg Machine Step 2

In our second step we have used:

Part of a Marble Run

Car which string and marble stopper attached

Domino lid

2 Cardboard Boxes

28 dominos

Red paper

4 train tracks

2 cups

Cardboard structures

another guider

Part of the table

And some normal paper

Step 2: Rube Goldberg Machine Step 3

Our last step consists of:

4 cones

1 pencil case

Wooden board

Red paper

4 Train tracks

16 Dominos

1 Balloon

Small Table

Weighted Container

Sticky Tape

1 Car

1 cup


And 1 car with a nail Attached to pop the Balloon