Introduction: Run-a-way Groot

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This ible is the the third evolution of Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel films. I based this one on the trailer for the upcoming film, Vol 2. The main body is papier-mâché, resin coated mounted on a wooden base.
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Step 1: Main Sculpt

For this model you will need a wire coat hanger, tin foil, tissue paper and a wood glue/flour/water mix, you will also need Fiberglass resin, paint, varnish and a wooden log for the base.

I started off by bending the wire coat hanger into a rough armature. This makes the model about 10 inch tall.
This was then wrapped in tin foil to build up and flesh out the body.

Once that was done I covered it in tissue paper and paste. I then started building up the texture on the legs arms and body.

Step 2: Head and Face

This was once again built up from a tin foil skull, fleshed out with tissue paper and paste. The eyes were beads which were set into the skull. The mouth was possibly the hardest bit to get right. A thin sliver of card stick was used to make the teeth.

Step 3: Bomb Box



A key element to this model is the bomb that Groot is running away with. I made a basic box out of card stock. This formed the rough base. Two burnt out LEDs were used for the buttons. Some card stock was used for top box.

The levers were small screws. Masking tape was used to mimic the tape holding the device together. Thin wires were used as, well ... wires. This was not an exact copy of the device as the available images are limited, but it's close. Maybe a later version will be more accurate.

Step 4: Resin and Paint

As with many of my models, this was coated in a thin coat of Fiberglass resin. This helps harden the outer and makes it more durable. Once dry, the entire model was coated with dark oak wood varnish. The model was then painted with acrylic paint, dry brushed to pick out raised detail.
The device was painted dark grey/green. The wires were red and blue (all bombs have red and blue wires). The duct tape was painted silver as was the levers.

Step 5: Final Thoughts....

The stand was a old log cut in half and varnished. A 10mm dowl was used to mount the model.

This was a fun project. Hopefully I will make more of these and refine the sculpt. If this happens I intend to make a silicone mound and make resin casts... but that a future thought. For now enjoy.....

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