Introduction: Running a Stepper Motor at Full Efficiency Without a Driver Circuit:

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In this instructable, I will teach you how to run a stepper motor without a driving circuit.

Now, you might have seen a few instructables stating the above statement but this instructable is completely different from them because of the following reasons:

  1. For running the stepper motor, I will not use any capacitor.
  2. Neither will I use the home socket power supply.
  3. The mechanical output torque (test included in the video) of the stepper motor when operated by this method is extremely high which indicates that it is being operated at high efficiency.
  4. The stepper motor will also be operated in clockwise as well as in anticlockwise direction.


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Step 1: Parts/tools Required:

Below is the list of parts used for running this project :-

  1. A 6-wire stepper motor
  2. Three phase AC generator
  3. 2 Vices

So first what you have to do is, connect the black and red wires of the stepper motor together.After that you will be left with 4 wires on the stepper motor.

Now take 2 of the three wires from the three phase generator and connect them to the similar colored wires from the stepper motor.

Now, you should be left with 1 wires from three phase generator and two wires on the stepper motor.Connect the generator to any of the two left open wires on the stepper motor as shown.

Just rotate the shaft of the generator now and you should see that the stepper motor has started operating like a normal motor.

Stepper Motors usually have a really low RPM and a really high torque.


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Step 2: Rotation in Clockwise & Anti-clockwise:

To rotate the shaft of the stepper motor in the opposite direction to the initial one, simply interchange any of the two polarities and it's done.

The torque produced by the stepper motor through this technique is much higher than when it is operated by using a capacitor and a single phase supply to produce an artificial rotating magnetic field (RMF).

The three phase supply provides a natural rotating magnetic field to the stepper motor with each phase having an equivalent magnitude.

An actual torque test has been carried out in the video to prove boast.


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Step 3: Torque Test:

For performing the torque test on the stepper motor,I have used a 2 kg inertia disc that came with the treadmill motor.

The stepper motor i am using is rated at 2.3 kg-cm torque which means that if the stepper motor is able to rotate the disc successfully then it is operating at it its maximum efficiency.

The picture shows that the stepper motor runs the 2 kg disc successfully indicating that the project was successful.

So that would be all for this instructable.



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