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Introduction: Rustic Bob-Omb

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Hi, this instructable will teach you how to make a cool, rustic-looking Bob-omb to decorate your house.

Here's what you need:

Ping Pong Ball

Black Paint

An Old, Stiff Brush

White and Yellow Clay

A toothpick with orange thingie on top (SORRY!)

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Step 1: Painting

For the body of the bomb, I used regular black paint. The way to get cool detail is the brush. Pick out a stiff brush that's hard to paint with that just scrapes paint off when you use it. Do two layers if one seems a little bare.

Step 2: Eyes, Feet

The eyes and feet are easy. Just use white and yellow clay to make these shapes and put them on. I used dirty, mixed clay to give it an old look.

Step 3: Fuse

To make this I used white clay with an orange top toothpick. I adjusted the length by breaking some off.

Step 4: Put the Stuff Together, and You Are Finished.

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