Introduction: Rustic Leather IPad Cover

In this short intructable, I will show the steps that it took to make this simple yet elegant iPad cover.

Step 1: The Pattern

First thing to do is measuring your iPad on the leather. Since the leather I had available was very thick, I left a large margin to be able to sew later.

After lining with a ruler, cut the leather with a powerful scissor. Again, due to the thickness of the leather, this part was actually pretty tough, but the strong scissor helped me out.

Step 2: Front Sheet Detail (optional)

After having both sheets of leather cropped, I've cut a semicircle in the front one, in order to make it distinguishable to the back one.

Step 3: Making the Holes

As long as I don't have any special tool to deal with this kind of material, my option was to make the holes (for sewing later) with a hammer and a nail. I chalked the border of the leather from cm to cm.

Step 4: Sewing It Together

Ok. This is the fun part. Take your needle and strings (in this case I used twine, to look even more rustic) and sew it up. Make a knot in the end of the string to avoid it just passing through the holes.

Start inside the cover, so that the knot will be hidden.

I forgot to take pictures of this part, but I chose a method of sewing always on the sides of the cover, so that the string will make a lot of "X"s on the end (I also don't know how it's called, but it must not be hard to find on the web).

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Cover :)