Introduction: Rustic Reclaimed Tin Monograms

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Materials Needed:

Tin Roof tile: preferably one with a raised designed

Acrylic Paints: in Black, Charcoal or other dark color, cream and white

Modge Podge or Finishing Sealant Spray

Step 1: Step 1: Find a Barn Roof Tin:

These can be purchased from reclaim shops, craft stores or salvaged from deteriorating barns

Step 2: Step 2: Prep Your Tin & Add Character

1. Make sure your tin is flat and clean

2. Wire brush the tin to remove excess rust.

3. To add character, I wire brushed the center "crest" shape of the tin, a bit extra, so it was smoother than the remaining bits. This was for the monogram tin.

Step 3: Step 3: Paint the Background

1. Choose one simple background color. Dark colors work well.

2. If the tin has a raised design, such as the tin used in the pictures, try painting just parts of the tin, and not the entire tin. If using a dark color, try painting inside the design of the non-raised parts or wells. In the example, e have a crest shape, and only the inside of the crest was filled with the black acrylic paint. The exposed natural color adds a rustic affect.

Step 4: Step 4: Add Depth and Distress

1. Paint the edges on the outside of the design to add depth.

2. When dry you may want to add a few wire brush marks on the edges.

Step 5: Step 5: Monogram a Letter & Write Out a Title

1. Find a simple font, stencil or freehand your Monogram letter . Use the cream color paint. Make sure your letter is fairly large, centered and near the top of the tin. You will want to use up at least 50 percent of your space.

a. To make your letters pop, use a smaller brush tip, and the white paint to highlight parts of the letters

i.. A simple technique would be to outline only the insides or outsides of the letters. This was used in the Creekside example. Whatever you choose, make sure you do the same technique to every letter to keep a uniform look.

ii For a fancy look, try adding extra lines or dots to the outside of your letters. This was used in the "Marquart" example. If you are unsure what to use or feel that you prefer a very uniform letter, try searching the internet for fonts you like or using a stencil. And get creative-the real reason the Marquart sign has the added lines was to center the letter more.

iii. Keep in mind, if you mess up, its no big deal with acrylics. Simply paint over the letters with the original background color (thus the reason its dark!!!) and try again. No one will tell. Promise.

2. Mix a small amount of white with your cream color to lighten the color. Using this lighter color, Place the title under the monogram letter, again, spacing it so that the word is centered to the larger Monogram. Make sure the word is much smaller than your monogrammed letter (about 1/3 of the size).

3. Include other small details if desired. using the cream colored paint and do not highlight the text. For example, in the "Creekside" tin, we added an "established" date, for added flair.

4. When dry, finish with modge podge or an acrylic finishing spray (found in craft sections). We used gloss on the Creekside side, and matte on the Marquart sign.

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