Introduction: Rustic Wall Bottle Opener From Scrap Wood

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I made and filmed this a few years ago. and have only got around to making a instructable for it now. It's made from some scrap wood off cuts from a previous project which was made from pallet wood. I thought I would put them to use rather than put them in the bin.


Scrap wood
Wood Glue Ebay Link
Bottle opener Ebay link
Clamps Ebay link
any sort of Saw

Step 1: Gather Materials

I got together all my scrap wood and cross cut them to more suitable length. I just went with what length looked right. I used a table saw but this could of been done with any type of saw

Step 2: Paint and Glue

I painted the strips of wood in several different colours. And then arranged them in a order that looked nice before gluing them together.

Step 3: Sanding and Distressing

I gave everything a sanding. I removed the paint from the edges with the sander to give a distressed look.

Step 4: Hardware

I had some of these wall mounted bottle openers that attach with screws. I painted the screw black to match with the overall design.

Ebay link to the bottle opener

Step 5: Finished

The bottle opener is simple screwed to the wall or post.

My son wasn't able to open his bottle of juice so he got back up

The backup was also unable, so they got the backup, backup to open the bottle


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