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Who doesn't like to grow there own Herbs and baby Groot? there's nothing new here, I'm just trying to put a geek spin on it.

There will be a video for this project, I'm just waiting for the plant to grow. I had to use fake plant for this picture. i will update the pictures once the real plants grow



  • wood
  • paints & varnish
  • glue
  • seeds
  • cotton wool or soil


(there's several ways to do this project. these are the tools I used)

  • CNC
  • Table saw
  • Thicknesser planer


Step 1: Material Selection and Preperation

If you do intend to eat the Herbs from the planter then choose a suitable material to make it from. I'm just making this more as a decoration so am just using some scrap wood from pallets etc. As with most of my projects i rip, cut, plane, thickness and glue my scrap wood in to more useable wood panels.

Step 2: Cutting the Design

I've got a CNC so im gonna use this to cut out my design. But this could also be done with scroll saw, jig saw etc

Here is a link to my Easel project

Step 3: Glue, Paint, Sand and Finish

I glue up the layers of the design, give everything a sand. and depending on the design I will highlight some dtails with paint and then add a clear varnish

Step 4: Plant Your Seeds

Add some soil, seeds, and water. then wait for them to grow.

i used some lentil seeds and cotton wool to try and get them to grow quickly. and used the tinfoil to capture the water.

Step 5: Finish

Here is the finished product. I will update the pictures once the plants start to grow in. ive got other ideas like this Mr Potato head but would love to see any your ideas.


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