Introduction: S14A3

My improved S14 with new features such as:
Removable Mag
Improved Stock
More Power
Breach Load Magazine
Improved Trigger
Deployable Bipod

Credit to the z35 and oblivitus

Notice: The handle is different to increase grip

Step 1: Stock

Back of the gun, improved from the first version

Step 2: Ram, Breach Loader, and Grip

Ram Rod for firing, breach loader for the magazine, and grip for support.

Step 3: Magazine With Mag Pusher, Handle, and Trigger

The handle is built differently from the gun on the slideshow to make it more comfortable. Note: When inserting the mag, make sure the red connectors are on the side with the breach loader.

Step 4: Bipod


Step 5: Inner Barrel


Step 6: Outer Barrel


Step 7: Assembly

Assemble and add rubber bands and you are done. Have a cookie!

Step 8: People Who Built It.

A gallery of pictures of the gun built by other people.
1.dr. richtofen