Introduction: SALTY HEARTS

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Earlier today I was helping my daughter (who is working from home due to COVID-19) with my 4 year old grandson...I thought what better than to create ART?

I taught him a quick watercolor and salt project...Happy to find all the supplies I needed in his family's house!

Step 1: Supplies

liquid glue


watercolors & brush


Step 2: Create Your Heart

draw the heart shape with the glue.

cover it with salt. let it set for a few minutes then gently shake the excess salt away.

next make a puddle in the watercolor tray (you can even use food coloring for this, or liquid watercolors)

carefully touch the salty surface with a very full brush of paint. Try not to disturb the glue that is probably still wet under the salt. continue covering the surface of your design until it is full.

Step 3: Get Creative

Hearts a universal but you can create any shape. My grandboy made a smiling heart and a spaceship.

Have fun and stay safe.

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