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Want some custom gloves to go with your skull mask? Make your own, they're super easy.

Step 1: Overview

For this project, I'm making gloves to match the style of the masks pictured. For info on the masks, see my other instructable.

Step 2: Supplies:

Cloth Gloves

Tailor's Chalk or Pencil/Marker

Double-sided Mounting Film or Strong Double-sided Tape

Paper in Colors of your choice


Step 3: Mark Knuckle, Finger Joints

Step 4: Prepare Your Colored Paper

I printed an array of colors onto standard printing paper. Trim a piece of mounting film to the same size.

Step 5: Peel and Stick the Film to the Back of Your Colored Paper

Step 6: Cut Your Paper Into Desired Shapes

Time saver: for the mosaic-style gloves I divided up some of the larger shapes by drawing on them with a sharpie.

Step 7: Peel Backing, and Stick in Place

Avoid placing any large pieces directly over a joint.

Step 8: In No Time, You're Finished!

Step 9: Options:

This technique may also be used for scale-like effects if you want your gloves to look reptilian (I photo-shopped an approximation) and so forth. The possibilities are many..

Step 10: Have Fun!