Introduction: SRB Simple Roasted Beef

Hello together,

the new BBQ season and contest has started up and I do not will stay outside as a spectator. Await more from me in the next few weeks :-)

Well today I will present You one of my favorite BBQ dish. It is very simple but special treat. All You need is beef, salt and fire.

For this composition I used exactly this:

  • One piece nearly two lbs (one portion for me, because my wife lives vegitarian) of Roastbeef with the cover of fat on.
  • A small hand of sea salt.
  • And my grill with Charcoal for direct and indirectly heating.

Have fun and please enjoy the next stebs.


Step 1: The Rawmaterial

Like promised, a piece of beef, mmmhh!

It is well hang up with the fatcover on. The fat will be keep the meat juicy ant tastefull!

Slice the fatcover with an sharp knife in diamands. Be carefull do not hurt the meat under.

Step 2: Salting

Rub Your baby with the salt.

Note, I prefer pre salted beef. Somtimes people are thinking that it will be better when you salt beef after grilling, they argue that the salt make the beef dry. My opinion in this case is, that the salt is melting at the begin of the grilling and develop a graet taste on the surface. Post saltet beef taste only salty (.

Step 3: Into the Heat

Bring it to the well heated grill, just wait a moment and be lucky.....

Step 4: Burn It, Roast It

Roast your beef from all sides direct over the charcoal.

Step 5: The Change

After you roasted all sides, it is time to change the heatimpact to an indirect one. Put a thermometre inside and maybe enjoy a beer. The goaltemperature I set is 53 ° C / 127 ° F for around medium finish.

Step 6: Ready to Make Me Happy

After reaching the temeperature it is well to give the beef a small rest. For this I use a box of styrofoam. At this the beeffibre are relax and the juice flow back form the core to the whole piece. After this I make some cuts and have a graet simple dinner of roasted beef.

Have fun at reproducing it.


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