Introduction: SS - Easter Cross

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It's Easter.
Let's make a Cross.
And Hot Cross Buns. I grew up with hot cross buns and they are delicious.

Step 1: Cardboard and Duct Tape

A cardboard box arrived containing a new bike so it was time to do a new project for my Sunday School kids. Being Easter I thought I could illustrate the elements of the resurrection story using a "Crafty Cross."

Step 2: Recruit

Add a willing colleague, hot glue guns and scissors....

Step 3: Class

Gather up the class and explain the activity...cut cut...chop chop

Step 4: Craft Cross

So here are all the elements we added to the Cross (Note that I'm not trying to proselytize. I just wanted to share how we built up ideas using cardboard and crafts as our medium):

Christ's Humanity is represented by the Cross being made from cardboard and duct tape.

Christ's Purity is represented by the white painted base.

Christ's OT prophecies are written as verses on the base.

Christ's NT fulfillment of these prophecies are written on the top.

Christ’s Suffering is represented by the red slashes, purple cloth, crown of thorns, …

Christ is the Light of this World is represented by the lights on the dark edge of the cross.

Christ’s Hands and Feet in this world is Us is represented by the children making the cross.

Christ’s Personal Salvation is represented by the children writing “Jesus Loves Me” in gold on the cross