Introduction: STK4141 Cute Audio Player Home Made

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This is a high quality audio player made to fit in a loading auto. Its sound quality is really amazing. In this player I made a very special touch switch using ne555 ic and an LDR that works amazingly. but in this instructable I could not mention it. I will show about it in my next instructable or in some of my next YouTube video on my channel "Satyam TechTricks"

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose a Ply Sheet

First of all take a piece of a good quality ply sheet of a suitable size as per your requirement. Then mark it over accurately to cut it to get fit the parts as like: USB Module, VU Meters, Volume controls, Switches etc.

Step 3: Cutting the Panel

Now go to a craftsman or a cutter for its cutting and drilling the marked areas. After cutting the panel fix all the necessary screws for holding the components and supports of its backside.

Step 4: Back Side Preparation

Prepare its back side very carefully. For volume and switch fittings engrave the cuts/holes if necessary. Always fit the volume controls on a metallic surface instead of a wooden surface to avoid the humming and other distortions. For this take a thin film/sheet of steel or aluminium or whatever material you found suitable.

Step 5: Affix the Mica

Now affix a cute mica sheet upon this ply sheet to get attractive finish of the player. Make sure to fit all the necessary screws/bolts before fixing the sun mica. This panel is designed for a loading auto vehicle therefore it needs four tags(attachments) to fit it.

Step 6: Cut the Mica

Now cut the mica carefully with the help of a file according to the earlier cuts of the ply. Now it is ready to fit the parts/components upon it.

Step 7: VU Meter and Touch Switch Circuit-1

For a vertical stereo vu meter I have made a circuit using IC2281. If you are not familiar with it, I will show about it in my some next instructables or/and in my next YouTube video on my channel "Satyam TechTricks."

Step 8: VU Meter and Touch Switch Circuit-2

I have made a special kind of touch switch that changes its state on/off by touching on the same point one by one. It's really amazing switch. I will also tell you about it in my next instructables and/or in some of my next video on my YouTube channel "Satyam TechTricks."

Step 9: Back Side Circuit Fitting

Now fix this circuit board on its predefined screw bolts with all the connections carefully.

Step 10: STK4141 II Stereo Audio Board

For good quality sound I have used a good quality sound board STK4141 II Stereo Amplifier. Basically it needs 24-0-24volt of 5amp dc supply. But in this board there is a built in driver that converts a 12volt supply into 24-0-24volt.

Step 11: Audio Board Fitting

Now fit the audio board firmly with all its wiring connections properly. Tight all the screws smoothly to avoid the accidental looseness or unscrewing of any parts due to the inevitable suspensions and vibrations of a running vehicle.

Step 12: Final Fitting

After fitting all the switches/buttons and their knobs with accurate finishing it looks dashing and splendid. It also performs amazing sound quality while playing it. to see an example click here.