Introduction: SUGRU Phone Phun! a User's Review

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I won a package of Sugru recently and was wondering what to do with it. I'm a techno-twit so I would never use it for electronics, I couldn't think of anything that needed fixing, but I AM creative and wanted a small simple project to check this stuff out. I often listen to Pandora when I'm creating but I always had to prop my phone up somewhere. I also have the exact same phone and case that my sweet hubby has and we have to wake the phones up to see which belongs to whom. What better way to test the durability of this product than use it on something as misused as my poor phone?
Here are a few photos of my finished project.

I found Sugru to be as simple to use as any oven-bake polymer clay, just much softer and more pliable. It is supposed to stick to pretty much everything but I have a feeling my phone cover is made of something that resists *everything*. I have even tried silver metallic Sharpie on it but even that easily rubbed off. So far the Sugru seems to be holding well. I had originally attached Sugru on each side of the top of the phone to act as ear-bud holders so I could have a handy place to store them and I was going to put stubby wings on the back of the phone to use as the cord wrap, but the ear-bud holders didn't turn out well so I removed them after about 12 hours cure time. I'm leery of how easily the Sugru came off though it did remove the finish a bit so perhaps the additional cure time secured things better. We'll see!
The fully-cured Sugru is flexible but firm - firmer than I thought it would be - but I think that's a good thing otherwise the little tail wouldn't support the phone very well. Now I just need to come up with another nifty project...this was fun!

Okay, I've been using/abusing my little phone case dude for a few days and thought I'd let you know how it's holding up.
Today one of the shoes was showing signs of loosening from the phone case. I went ahead and peeled the shoes off. Tried propping it on just the tail but the angle was wrong. The tail was more difficult to remove due to the larger connected surface. The hands were on pretty good as well. I was actually surprised the SUGRU stuck to the phone case as well as it did - I can't even glue things to it!
The fully cured SUGRU was firm but flexible and felt kind of like a new eraser except smoother. Yes, it will crack and tear, but you have to pretty much fold it in half to make it do so. I can attest to it's durability! I have an improved version of this project in mind and will post another update when it's complete.
************SECOND UPDATE**********************************
Regarding the comparison to an eraser - it actually WILL erase pencil marks. Not well, but it works!