SUGRU Purse Handle Repair

Introduction: SUGRU Purse Handle Repair

About: I am a Youth Services Librarian at a library system that has 6 libraries.

I brought my favorite bag to our first SUGRU Build Night to see if it could be repaired. The vinyl handle was cracking and ugly looking.

Step 1: Clean the Part to Be Fixed.

First we cleaned the handles with a damp cloth and removed any cracked vinyl.

Step 2: Prepare SUGRU

Wash your hands. Open one packet of black SUGRU and squeeze with your fingers until it is soft and easy to shape. Make a thin sheet of SUGRU long enough and wide enough to fit around the damaged area. Don't make it too thin as it will crack or separate. Also remember that a little bit goes a long way!

Step 3: Wrap the Handles.

Wrap the sheets of SUGRU around the handles, overlapping the edges and wrapping over the undamaged vinyl. The putty may stain your hands so wash your hands afterwards Let dry for 24 hours. We are new at this so the handles were a little bumpy but the bag is much improved in appearance and serviceability. The new "rubber" handles are strong but pliable.

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