Introduction: SUPER Easy Cute Plushy

I was looking for ideas to make a plushy on Instructables but I didn't have alot of time , energy , or supplies to make some stuff.Then I brought together all the things I might need and started. I plan on making more cute stuffies in the future as it is fun and the outcome great for what it is.

Step 1: 1: Supplies

You will need:

*A large sheet of cloth (choose a color)

*A tiny piece of white cloth

*Black and Red Marker

*Tape(Or sewing kit)

*Glue(Or sewing kit


Step 2: 2: Shape the Body

Cut out a large section of cloth and bunch it into your sock. Cut the excess sock and tie it off.

Step 3: 3: Complete Main Body

Place your cloth ball in the center of a piece of cloth.Fold each of the corners in and tape/glue/sew as you go along. Cut off and tape excess as needed.

Step 4: 4: Eyes and Mouth

Cut out 5 little diamond like shapes.2 of these little shapes should be smaller than the others. 1 should be more of a semi circle.

Step 5: 5: Coloring Time

2 Large Diamonds None

2 Small Diamonds Black

1 Semi Circle Red

Shape Color

Step 6: 6: Done!

Glue and Complete!